Our objectives

Improving care through the ethical use of health data

PIONEER improves patient care by making routinely-collected health data available to doctors, researchers and academics, under licence. With robust governance and ethics in place, this data can then be used to develop new methods of predicting, diagnosing and monitoring illness in hospital and at home; improving treatment choice and identifying new ways of delivering clinical care.

Enhancing public trust

PIONEER enhances public trust in health data use, working with patients, the public and other stakeholders to ensure that governance of data access is transparent and in the public interest. We commit to communicating these principles effectively to improve understanding, and raise the profile of, the value of health data research.

Providing data security and advanced analytics

PIONEER is improving the quality and accuracy of acute care health data by: working with healthcare providers; providing a secure and scalable data environment; and placing patients and the public at the heart of all data sharing decisions.

Improving data quality

PIONEER brings scale and efficiency to dataset aggregation and curation of anonymised routinely collected data relevant to unplanned and acute health care.

Enabling data driven health solutions

PIONEER makes these datasets discoverable and appropriately accessible to research organisations, NHS bodies and those who are conducting innovation activities which will lead to direct patient benefit.

Working together

PIONEER provides an environment of cross-sector collaboration with strong relationships between patients, the public, NHS, industry and academic researchers to support research, development and innovation.

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