Working with us

Partnering with industry

Partnerships between the NHS, academia, industry, charities and other data custodians are key to improving the health of the nation. The role of industry in these partnerships is crucial, and their successes could not be achieved by the NHS alone. For example, using data to develop healthcare technologies or new treatments that lead to better outcomes for patients, or introducing devices to detect and monitor diseases more effectively.

The private sector has distinctive skills and expertise in driving innovation and developing data-driven tools which can be used to improve patient care. PIONEER enables ethically-approved and secure access to data, and supports innovators in the commercial sector with domain expertise (clinical, end-user, compute, analytics) to maximise the benefits of data access to researchers. This value exchange is specific to each product and service.

We offer a fair value exchange to industry and further information on this can be found in the Data Licencing area.

Working with NHS partners

We collect, connect and curate health data from across the Midlands, but we also want to include other parts of the UK. Our aim is for NHS partners nationwide to join and be part of our data hub where NHS, academic and commercial companies can develop, test and deliver advances in clinical care using real-world anonymised data.

The more NHS partners we have, the more connected and representative our data will be. This will enable better data modelling, and better decisions being made from that data.

If you are an NHS partner and wish to discuss more about joining PIONEER please contact [email protected]

The benefits of joining PIONEER

Many NHS organisations are unable to fully use their own health data to improve the health services they provide and to plan for the future. So, our central aim is to improve the use of health data by the NHS.

We will clean and standardise your data when you join, improving its quality and usability. Further information on this process can be found in our data section.

We will also hold your data in a secure format that allows you unprecedented visibility via our secure research environment, and our analytics team can work with you to help solve your clinical challenges using your health data.

If you wish to analyse your own data, you will be given three user logins to the secure research environment, with additional logins available on request. Statistical computing, data analytics and scientific research tools such as R, Python, CRAN are available to run within your secure research environment. Our ethic allows you to use your data for single-site research that you may wish to carry out.

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