The Health Data Research Hub for Acute Care

Allowing innovative healthcare companies to develop, test and deliver advances in clinical care with real-time information about how acutely unwell people access and use health services.

Objectives. Collaboration. Success

Our story

PIONEER is improving patient care by making routinely collected health data available to doctors, researchers and academics, under licence, so that the data can be used ethically and with robust governance to improve treatment choices as well as identifying new ways to deliver clinical care.

Working with us

Our aim is for NHS partners from across the UK to join and be part of our data hub here in the Midlands where NHS, academic and commercial companies can develop, test and deliver advances in clinical care using real-world anonymised data. 

The role of industry is crucial in the development of healthcare technologies that will lead to better outcomes for patients including new treatments or devices to detect and monitor diseases which could not be achieved by the NHS alone.

How do we keep your data safe?

Find out how your data is stored and who is in charge of keeping it safe and secure.

Your data, your choice

You can choose to opt out of your information being used for research and planning.

PIONEER, the Health Data Research Hub for Acute Care, is funded by UK Research and Innovation and delivered in partnership with Health Data Research UK.