Data services & costs

PIONEER data licencing

Data access will be licensed. This means that researchers can only use the data for the purpose on the license, and not any other project. It also means that data cannot be shared beyond the licensed agreement. Only the data required to answer the research question is accessed.

Data is shared only when data security has been agreed and approved by PIONEER. Usually, this means data is only shared in a Trusted Research Environment (TRE). Individuals accessing PIONEER data can use either our TRE or their own, providing the relevant security measures are in place. To receive a list of required measures, please email PIONEER.

The specific data needed for the enquiry or project cannot be re-used for other purposes and would not leave the TRE. Once the data has been used to answer the question or help with that specific project (or after an agreed period of time), the TRE is closed and the data removed.

The TRE does not contain any health data not directly related to the research question, and it is selective and sufficient; enough to answer the question but no more.

Data access has to be considered in the public’s best interests by our patient and public advisory committee, and must have the potential to improve the health and well-being of patients.

Data services available

PIONEER services are costed per request. After we receive your completed data request form, our commercial team will arrange a suitable time to discuss your request either via face to face meeting, via web conferencing or, over the phone.

At this meeting we will identify the services you require and begin to ascertain the data that would be required for your study.

The commercial team can also work with you to help develop the data request form, to ensure the request meets your requirements.

The services we offer

Data access

Data is available either via our TRE or your own, provided it is secure. If you would like to discuss your data projects prior to raising a data request then please contact us and our team will arrange a convenient time to talk through this with you.

Data and infrastructure consultancy

These are services provided by our team of analysts and clinical staff. Examples of services we have previously offered include:

  • Cross linking of structured data across healthcare providers
  • Synthetic data generation and access
  • Imaging data for interrogation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm expertise
  • Software development
  • Data insight & problem solving
  • Regulatory advice
  • Patient and purchaser engagement
  • SRE development and provision, to meet your data analysis needs for any project

How we cost our services

Our services are costed using a standard service framework and take into account the following areas:

Complexity of data required

This is broken down into the volume of data, the number of datasets required, whether any cross-linking is required, image datasets.

Reoccurance of data

Is the request a one-off or recurrent?

Nature of services

Is the request just for data access or will additional services be required, such as access to our staff for consulting?

Organisation type

We take into account the type of organisation making the request, divided into three categories: NHS or public sector; academia or charities; and commercial/industry.

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