Sharing our work and answering your questions: PIONEER’s first webinar series

Six webinars, 100+ attendees and 50+ testing questions later, our first webinar series has drawn to a close. PIONEER’s Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead, Laura Forty, shares her ‘behind the scenes’ experience.

We have just completed the PIONEER Hub’s first webinar series aimed at members of the public interested in health data research. It’s been fantastic to engage with so many people keen to learn more about how health data is used in research

Various guest speakers took to the virtual stage to share their expertise on topics ranging from using health data responsibly, governance and addressing inequalities, through to the building of electronic health records and how health data has supported the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Birmingham and beyond.

In each session the speakers were joined by a panel of members of the PIONEER Team to take part in a question and answer slot. The team were quizzed on a whole range of areas such as: consent and the National Opt Out; how easy it would be to crack the encryption put in place to keep people’s identities safe; how we can be confident we are sharing data with trusted researchers; and how we can improve digital health literacy.

Across the series we answered more than 50 rich and varied questions from members of the audience – unfortunately we didn’t have time to answer them all!  However, we’ve committed to answering all questions that were asked in the webinars, on our website – so look out for the full question and answer reports which are coming soon.

Over the course of six weeks, we had more than 100 attendees join our Wednesday lunchtime sessions, with almost half joining us more than once and several attending the whole series. Mostly we attracted members of the public, although we were joined by health professionals and researchers with an interest in the topics too.

If you missed the series or there are any particular topics you would like to catch up on, you can watch videos of all of the speakers here.

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